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💬 Powerful community platform for Startups

Add a customizable community to any website, so you can harness the power of your users and supercharge growth

pe•ple - Community plugin built to grow your website | Product Hunt
Drive user retention
Boost conversion rates
Increase lifetime value
Understand your fans
Supercharge traffic and traction
Completely white-label

A home, for your people.

Building a community is hard enough. You shouldn't have to worry about building the best platform as well. Let us do that for you

Ready to go
Accessible in your own website rather than a subdomain
The platform has:
Passwordless login
Real-time chat
Threaded comments
Emoji reactions
Infinite scalability
We are completely white-label

Set the branding, privacy, and community visibility based on your company's needs
We personalize the feed to best suit each each user's needs

We also prevent malicious parties from invading your community
Security is of the utmost importance to us. We ensure that the data from your community is safe
Developer API
Our API give you full control over your community so you can integrate it with your current workflow

Focused on
driving growth

Your community needs a platform to grow. Cultivate a scalable space where they can engage with one another while bolstering awareness and value for your brand

Built with analytics and moderation

Look deep into the impact of your community. Analyze and moderate what your community is talking about in order to boost retention, increase lifetime value, and improve site traffic

By peple for people

We mean that in every sense of the phrase